Tuesday, 21 June 2011

SBS 2008 (physical) to SBS 2011 (virtual)

I’ve just completed my first migration to a virtual environment. It’s running well with a solid feeling to it but it took much longer than I expected - 12 days measured on the FSMO compliance countdown clock. I could’ve saved a few days if I had realised that 100Mbs is really slow for Network Attached Storage. Once I upgraded the central components to 1Gbs we picked up speed and finished quite quickly but it was far from smooth. I followed the Microsoft published migration guide religiously and uncovered some issues that should be clarified or even changed. All the problems I faced are known events. A quick internet search on the error message with an added SBS2011 tag produced immediate results but not always immediate solutions. I still can’t run the SBS console from the special admin account created specifically for the migration but it runs perfectly from another admin account so I’m not devoting too much time to solving that issue. I have to give a detailed write up of the migration to the business owner so expect to see that posted here in a couple of weeks. If you feel I may be able to help you don’t hesitate to post your questions. Meantime here is a list of the central components.
Dell Workstation T1600, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, Windows 7 Pro, VMware Server 2.0
Netgear ReadyNAS 1500
Netgear 8port Gb switch
SBS 2011 Standard

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